Saber Empire

High Quality Multi Colored Sabers for Every Occasion

Allow your inner child to live out their fantasy and treat yourself. Our durable, high quality, low priced Sabers is exactly what you’ve been looking for. With multicolored LED lighting you can be whoever you want to be.
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Simple, Elegant, and Durable

Why should you choose Saber Empire ?

Our Sabers are long lasting, durable, high quality, and priced to fit your budget. Your duelling never has to stop with a quickly rechargeable Saber. To enhance your duelling experience we’ve added Flash on Clash technology so your fantasies can become a reality. Saber Empire’s Sabers are compatible with other Sabers, and have the ability to become a double bladed Saber. Our Sabers are safe to use, and delivered quickly and efficiently. Don’t look any further and let Saber Empire guarantee your satisfaction.

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Sophisticated LED Lighting-

Beautifully Designed by Saber Experts

Power and sophistication are key elements in our premium Sabers. An elegant design that enhances your power with each swing. The flash on clash technology makes your fantasy a reality. Along with multicolored LED lighting comes a variety of different sound effects, with our state of the art soundboard. With a simple press of a button you can change the color and sound effects on your Saber. If you still seek more, look no further because our Neopixel Sabers can meet the needs of the most serious of Saber enthusiasts.

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Advanced Features

Ultimate comfort and best sound

Sophisticated LED lighting

USB Cable and Quickly Rechargeable Batteries

12 different color changing LED lighting.

High Caliber Sound Board

Durable Duel Ready Blade

Flash on Clash Technology

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